Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars - DS

Game Description: The first tactical, turn-based Ghost Recon game, featuring eye-popping 3D cut scenes and in-game effects, deep team management options and a 1vs1 multiplayer mode on the same console.

Sorry no cheats or walkthroughs this time. I tried to find them but could not.

                                                           My Views 
For all DS or 3DS lovers who like strategy games, this would be the game for you. It really requires thinking and at the same time you have to think fast. Once you stop thinking and give up, that is the end of your mission. This is actually a good game to buy for the young ones as they can think and at the same time have fun shooting bad guys. For the older ones you might have an easy time playing it as my guess is you already have the wisdom to play this game but if you dislike playing shooting games and only like strategy games, there are always more games out there that you may find interesting.


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