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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre:Fighting
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Release Date:Feb 15, 2011
  • # of Players:1 player, 8 online
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Mild Language,Partial Nudity,Sexual Themes,Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds arrives after a decade of waiting, as the iconic Marvel and Capcom characters join forces again in a re-envisioned team fighting game for a new generation. Fill the shoes of legendary characters from the most beloved franchises in entertainment as you battle in a living comic book brought to life in a VS. fighting game for the first time by Capcom’s MT Framework. Get set for the ultimate faceoff with Marvel vs. Capcom 3.« Less Description
Sorry no pictures this time and that is why I am going to reveal some cheats and walkthroughs for this game.

                                                Cheats and Walkthroughs

  • Unlock Taskmaster

    Earn 8000 Player Points (PP)
  • Unlock Akuma

    Earn 2000 Player Points (PP)
  • Unlock Special Ending

    Lose the fight against Galactus
  • Unlock Danger Room artwork

    Complete Arcade Mode once
  • Unlock Asgard artwork

    Complete Arcade Mode eight times
  • Unlock Fate of the Earth artwork

    Complete Arcade Mode ten times
  • Unlock Metro City artwork

    Complete Arcade Mode three times
  • Unlock Tricell Laboratory artwork

    Complete Arcade Mode nine times
  • Unlock Character License Cards

    To get all five License Card titles: Complete Arcade Mode, complete Arcade Mode on Very Hard, complete five Missions, complete all Missions, and use the character 30 times.
  • Unlock Kattlelox Island artwork

    Complete Arcade Mode five times
  • Unlock Piece of Character Art

    Complete a Mission Mode assignment with any character to unlock their art.
  • Unlock Demon Village artwork

    Complete Arcade Mode four times
  • Unlock Hand Hideout artwork

    Complete Arcade Mode six times
  • Unlock S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier artwork

    Complete Arcade Mode seven times
  • Unlock Special 3D Model and Bio

    Complete Arcade Mode with every character
  • Unlock Character's 3D Model, Bio, Ending, and Art

    Finish off Galactus with any character to unlock these items for that character.
  • Unlock Daily Bugle artwork

    Complete Arcade Mode twice
  • Unlock Sentinel

    Earn 4000 Player Points (PP)
  • Unlock Hsien-Ko

    Earn 6000 Player Points (PP)
  • Unlock 4th Opening Movie

    Earn 60,000 Player Points (PP)
  • Unlock 3rd Opening Movie

    Earn 30,000 Player Points (PP)
  • Unlock 2nd Opening Movie

    Earn 15,000 Player Points (PP)
  • Unlock Just As Planned License Card

    Win 10 online matches when time runs out
  • Unlock Bring It On! License Card

    Perform 30 counter hits during an Arcade/Online match
  • Unlock First Hit Wins License Card

    Get "First Attack" bonus 50 times.
  • Unlock Cooling Down License Card

    Win a match with chip damage (opponent blocking)
  • Unlock I Ain't Done Yet! License Card

    Win with the X-Factor ability active
  • Unlock Burnin' Up! License Card

    Win with 50 Hyper Combo K.O.'s
  • Unlock Reading Your Mind License Card

    Perform a Team Air Combo
  • Unlock Schemer License Card

    Win with chip damage (opponent blocking) 10 times
  • Unlock Airborne Fighter License Card

    Perform an Air Combo during an Arcade/Online match.
  • Unlock Win With Experience License Card

    Perform a Team Air Counter
  • Comic Collector

    Unlock all items in the Gallery.
  • Duty and Deus Ex Machina

    Make a match on Xbox LIVE between a national hero and a killing machine a reality.
  • Playtime Is Over

    Surpass the rank of Amateur.
  • Raccoon City Incident

    Settle things between former S.T.A.R.S. members in a Xbox LIVE match.
  • Fate of the Satsui no Hadou

    Decide who is the true master of the fist in a Xbox LIVE match.
  • Herculean Task

    Beat Arcade mode on the hardest difficulty.
  • Master of Fate

    Unlock all achievements
  • Steel Battalion

    Block 100 times. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Brave New World

    Participate in any mode on Xbox LIVE.
  • Darkstalkers

    Make a team composed of those who dwell in the darkness, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Galactic Smasher

    Perform 30 Crossover Combination Finishes. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Passport to Beatdown Country

    Fight in all of the stages.
  • Weapon X

    Make a team composed of Weapon-X test subjects, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Big Bang Theory

    Perform 30 Hyper Combo Finishes. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Champion Edition Hero

    Earn 30,000 Player Points (PP).
  • Female Flyers

    Make a team composed of women who can fly, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Leading the Charge

    Surpass the rank of Fighter.
  • Mega Buster

    Use 1,000 Hyper Combo Gauge bars. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • School for the Gifted

    Get a 5 game win streak in Ranked Match.
  • Ultimate Nullifier

    Perform 30 successful Advancing Guards. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Whose Side Are You On?

    Bring about an end to the Civil War in a Xbox LIVE match.
  • Be Gone!

    Perform 10 Snap Backs. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Bruisin' Bruce

    Land an Incredible Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Copy This!

    Put an end to this game of spider and fly in a Xbox LIVE match.
  • Excelsior!

    Perform 10 Team Aerial Combos. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Fate of Two Worlds

    Make a match on Xbox LIVE between the marquee characters for this game a reality.
  • I Buy the Issues

    View one ending in Arcade mode.
  • Waiting for the Trade

    View all endings in Arcade mode.
  • A Hero Stands Alone

    Win a match without calling your partners or switching out. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Charles in Charge

    Land an Uncanny Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Need a Healing Factor

    Win a match without blocking. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Saving My Quarters

    Beat Arcade mode without using any continues.
  • Super Turbo Brawler

    Earn 100,000 Player Points (PP).
  • Who Will Answer the Call?

    Participate in an 8 player Lobby on Xbox LIVE.
  • World Warrior

    Earn 5,000 Player Points (PP).
  • Wreak "Havok"

    Use X-Factor in a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Avengers Assemble!

    Make a team composed of the Big 3 and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Average Joe

    Land a Viewtiful Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Back at 'Cha!

    Perform 10 successful Crossover Counters. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Full Roster

    Battle against all characters in a Xbox LIVE match.
  • One Step Ahead

    Land 50 First Attacks in a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Passed the Field Test

    Clear 160 missions in Mission mode.
  • A New Avenger

    Clear 320 missions in Mission mode.
  • Badds to the Bone

    Make a team of three who have altered their bodies, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Combat Specialist

    In Ranked Match, surpass the "1st" class rank, or fight someone who has.
  • Turn the Tables

    Land a Team Aerial Counter in a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
  • Welcome to Avengers Academy!

    Clear 80 missions in Mission mode.
  • Get the Female Flyers Achievement

    They want flying females for this Achievement. So pick Morrigan, Storm, and Trish and win any match against humans or the CPU.
  • Get the Badds to the Bone Achievement

    They're looking for a team of characters that have "altered their bodies". Of the characters revealed (as of 12/23/10), the characters that fit that description are: -Captain America -Wesker -Deadpool -Doctor Doom -Hulk -M.O.D.O.K. -She-Hulk -Nathan Spencer -Wolverine -Viewtiful Joe -X-23 Pick your three and go for it!
  • Get the Weapon X Achievement

    They're looking for Weapon X subjects and only three fit that description. Pick Wolverine, Deadpool, and X-23 and win a match against humans or the CPU.
  • Get the Avengers Assemble! Achievement

    Marvel fans will know what to do here, but those that have never seen a comic book might need some direction here. Simply make a team of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America and win a match against either a human or CPU team.
  • Get the Darkstalkers Achievement

    As the title implies, you want a team from the Darkstalkers team. Pick Morrigan, Felicia, and Hsien-Ko and win a match to get this Achievement.
  • Get the Fate of the Satsui no Hadou Achievement

    This Achievement calls for two old Street Fighter nemeses to do battle. Have an online match come down to Ryu and Akuma. Last man standing gets the Achievement.
  • Get the Whose Side Are You On? Achievement

    Comic fans know all about Civil War and for this Achivement to unlock, an online match needs to come down to Captain America versus Iron Man as the last two men standing. No matter who wins, the Achievement will unlock for the winner and you'll even get some Easter Egg banter at the end of the match.
  • Get the Copy This! Achievement

    Finding the spider in this equation is fairly obvious and the Achivement's title should give away who else is needed here. Have an online match come down to Spider-Man and Taskmaster. Winner gets the Achievement!
  • Get the Duty and Deus Ex Machina Achievement

    The description calls for a national hero and a killing machine. If the last fighters on each team are Captain America and Sentinel, the winner will get this Achievement.
  • Get the Raccoon City Incident Achievement

    This is to settle the score between Resident Evil foes. Have an online match come down to Chris and Wesker. The Achievement will go to the winner.
  • Get the Charles in Charge Achievement

    You need to land a combo of 90 hits or more for this, so you'll need a Crossover Combination Hyper. Use Ryu (Hadoken), Deadpool (Trigger Happy), and Iron Man (Unibeam) and raise your combo meter to Level 3. Make you CLEANLY land a Crossover Combination Hyper Combo and you should connect for well over 90 hits. You'll land an Uncanny combo and...
  • Switch to 2nd or 3rd Assist Character

    During the loading screen, hold the Partner 1 button down to start the round with that partner. Hold the Partner 2 button down to start the round with that partner.

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